Written by Rodrick Bumhira   
Thursday, 18 February 2016 10:42


Eventually, most of us grow up, find careers and settle in. Not a bad thing. But often, we also lose our ability to open up and have fun. And we actually become less effective on the job. Done right, the power of play can help – often dramatically.


18 years ago, Strategic Synergy Consulting founder Rodrick Bumhira began applying proven principles of human behavior to teams of all shapes and sizes. The results spoke for themselves. Today, we continue to set the bar for fun, effective and memorable events. That’s why so many amazing companies trust us with their most valuable assets.

Our proven programs have been used by many corporate professionals in organizations of all sizes to improve teamwork, communication, trust, team leadership, and collaboration.

We will create the best corporate team building experience for your company based on your budget, time frames, and location preferences.
We start with a needs assessment to discover your business objectives and team development goals. Then we design an appropriate program for your firm using various team development modules and corporate team building exercises. Team communication, team relationships, team-based execution, and business results will improve based on new, effective individual and team behaviors.

Our range of proven highly interactive team building events boost team morale, energy, bonding, and fun, as well as applications back at the workplace. Our team building events include our popular competitive team programs, ropes activities, races and hunts, construction challenges, indoor classroom activities, and creative musical team building events.

Our corporate retreats and corporate team building retreats are custom-designed for the key issues and group dynamics of your team.

Team Assessments

We believe that you need to assess team issues, and measure human behavior, in order to change it. We use powerful needs assessment processes, team assessments and quantitative team measurement tools to evaluate your current team performance levels, and provide strategies and programs to help shift individual and team attitudes and behaviors so that your team can achieve optimal performance.


Taking Flight with DISC lifts the veil on the human personality at work. See yourself from a whole new perspective. Discover where your strengths and challenges come from and learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your team. Our approach is that Team Building must be fun, engaging and help change future behavior. So whether you are looking for a fun team bonding activity or a developmental process, we will be able to meet your team building needs. Contact us for a customized Session.

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