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Thursday, 24 October 2013 12:59

Where is your organization going over the next year or more, how is it going to get there and how will you know if you got there or not. The focus of our strategic planning process is on the entire organization. At Strategic Synergy we offer a number of perspectives and a variety of strategic planning models.

Participants will undergo a process of assessing the current reality and the desired future state of the business. During this process we will provide and share best practice. The outcome of this process is detail of the desired future state of the business and the milestones required to get from the current to the future. The mission, vision and non-negotiable values will be validated. We will work with the team in inventing the desired future of the organization. The gap between the current state and the desired future will be quantified into milestones and action items.

The process of executive alignment and the assessment of the current state will include a detailed analysis of the following major core areas:

The External Environment: This will be dealt with in the context of the environment in which your organizations does its business.

The Business Processes: A detailed analysis of why your organization exists. Its core and support processes, its customers, suppliers, networks and regulatory framework and the measures in place to control it.

Structure: An assessment will be made in terms of how the company is currently arranged to do its business. This will encompass an in-depth articulation of current reporting, decision-making process, acountabilities, responsibility, role clarity, workforce numbers, reporting etc

Competencies: We will detail the current position with regard to which core competencies are identified per position.

Internal Culture: The core belief, attitudes and values that currently pervade the business will be discussed and understood.

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