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Enterprise Leadership

Enterprise leadership – acting in the best interests of the enterprise rather than one’s business unit or function – is a behaviour critical for all members of executive teams. For many executive teams it remains an aspirational concept rather than a practical reality. leading in today’s VUCA world is not something that can be done by one individual no matter how experienced and talented that person might be. Tackling the complexities of the modern business world requires an aligned team of individuals all pulling in the same direction and working together in service of the business and its stakeholders. As the old saying goes ‘two brains are better than one” and never is that more relevant than in businesses today. Leadership at the enterprise level means rising to the challenge. The focus moves past the single team or unit to the enterprise as a whole, beyond functional skills to strategic decisions based on a broader perspective. Adopt a mentality and frame of reference that extends beyond your specific function and puts the interests of the organization first. Learn how to identify connections, challenges and opportunities for the organization; and think with depth, scope and an enterprise perspective.

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